23 June 2015

See you around the bend...

Our little bucket list journey has taken a detour to The Late Bloomer Chronicles!

Thank you for following my journey over the last 18 months.  It has been a blast!

<3 K

04 January 2015

What I've been up to the last few months...

Hello everyone, long time no see!

I wish I could tell you guys that I was having a blast during my hiatus...unfortunately it was anything BUT.

After giving up on my highly stressful apartment hunt, I made the decision to become certified in my 9-5 field.   Had to take some preliminary classes prior to sitting for the exam (3 total), and only had a small window of time to complete them all.

Every day for 6 1/2 months, I studied non-stop - during my work commute, at the office and at home (often until daylight).  I spent very little time with my mother when she came to visit this past summer and completely sacrificed my social life + hobbies (including this blog).  It was the most stressful experience in my life, and I have the gray hairs to prove it.

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I finally sat for the exam on December 6th.  Received the results a few days later and...

I passed!  
(Still waiting for my certificate to come in the mail, though.)

I am just now settling back into normal life, reconnecting with friends and actually enjoying free time again, since I had so little of it.

Also- in pleasant surprises, I was able to complete a few bucket list items during the process (including a previously failed one).  Definitely will detail them in later posts, but will drop off a hint in one photo:

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Happy New Year, everyone! :)


04 August 2014

Hiatus until December 2014

As you've noticed, I haven't been posting on schedule as of late.   The bucket list has been put on hold due to matters of a professional nature (as will the Twitter and Facebook pages).

FortyxForty will be up and running again in December 2014.  Till then, enjoy your summer and autumn!



15 June 2014

Not on the bucket list but did it anyway...

So, in the spirit of trying new things out, I decided to try different types of new things, even if they are not officially on the FortyxForty bucket list.  Here are just a few that I've documented for good measure:

01 June 2014

Bucket List FAIL #2: Move to New York City

NYC- so close, yet so far away... (all photos in this entry © Kanika Ameerah) 

New York City- if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere...

...or so they say.

02 March 2014

Why the "mini" bucket list items matter to me as much as the large ones

photo: getty images
Bucket list items tend to be associated with major actions, such as traveling all over the world, going vegan or bungee jumping off a cliff.  However, I find great value in accomplishing mini bucket list items (or "mini-items" as I call them), as they are just as beneficial to life.  Here's why:

Mini-items help me build up the courage to try out larger bucket list items.  I am one of those people who will stay stuck in a place for fear of the new.  To counteract my rut, I try bunch of small new things; anything from checking out a new restaurant or walking through a new neighborhood.

Mini-items add balance to my life.  There were periods in my life where I didn't have time or resources for big bucket list items, and mini-items help me explore various interests so I am not just sucked into an "all work/no play" routine.

Some of my "major changes" came out of doing mini-items.  Some of my bucket list items would start off "mini", but evolve into something greater than I ever imagined.  This usually happens because I joined a social group where I met people who shared the same interests and naturally, new friends have a way of adding tons of adventure into your life.

If I didn't love a mini-item, I am ok with that.  Sometimes I try a new food, or explore a hobby that doesn't always resonate with me, and I am okay with that.  While I may feel slight disappointment that it didn't work out, at least I can say "I tried it" instead of always wondering "what if".

Here's some of my favorite tools for accomplishing "mini-items":

Best tool for learning a new hobby:  YouTube
I am one of those people who benefit from visual learning, and YouTube is quite the database for all things 101.  Whatever you are curious about learning, you can find a tutorial there.  I have learned how to crochet, curl my locks and even put on makeup on YT.

Best tool for generating a support system:  Meetup
Sometimes, the best way to start and/or upkeep a hobby is to meet other people who are into it as well.  With Meetup, you can find a local social group that shares the same interests as you do, and if there isn't a group in your area, you can create one for a nominal fee.

Best tool for finding "the best":  Yelp
If I want to check out a language course or try a new dish, I always turn to Yelp. The reviews are very useful in choosing the best restaurant/school/etc. that would help me fulfill my mini-item lust.

Mini-items are a great and practical way of keeping adventure in your life.  It's fun to do new things, no matter the size!  So if there's a mini-item floating in the back of your head right now, just do it!

16 February 2014

#3- Becoming Hooked on Crochet

I know... the header is a bad pun! >.<

I have a confession- I never learned how to crochet until now, because I've always associated it with old ladies and aging hippies.

My interest in this needlecraft didn't come until 2008, when a friend of mine started making the cutest hats and scarves I've ever seen.  I asked her how'd she make such fashionable items with a crochet hook, and she told me she got the patterns from book called Stitch 'n Bitch (yes, that is the actual title).  After thumbing through her copy of the book, seeing pattern after cute pattern, I decided to take up crocheting as well...one day.

It wasn't until late 2012 that I actually pursued the hobby by purchasing a beginners' crocheting book (different title from the aforementioned), some yarn and a hook. I tried to make a single crochet swatch using the instructions in the book, but could never get the stitches right.   I mentioned my interest in crocheting on Facebook, and one of my friends told me that she had just gotten into crocheting herself, and learned how to stitch on YouTube.  Following her advice, I searched YT for crochet tutorial videos, and bookmarked them to watch later.  However, I never got around to doing so because I am a lover of procrastination.

This year, I decided to learn the fine art of crocheting.  Unfortunately, how I completed this bucket list item had more to do with circumstance than anything.  I caught a nasty case of bronchitis last month and was bed-bound for almost two weeks.  I decided to pick up the crochet hook to keep myself from getting cabin fever.  In between naps and ferocious coughing bouts, I watched Bethinktx1's YouTube channel to learn the four basic stitches:  single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet.  The videos were so easy to follow that I mastered all four basic stitches over one weekend (despite my cat's evil master plan to dominate the yarn).

What is it with cats and yarn anyway?

Confident in my stitching skills, I moved from practice swatches to doing actual projects. My first was a large slouchy cap from Crochet Geek.

Pretty sure that brew and antibiotics aren't supposed to mix, but hey, YOLO!

Since I was still sick, I had plenty of time to finish my project.  The results were beautiful (if not oversized).
If only I had done this when my locks were 2' long...

Proud of the success of my first project, I began planning other projects to keep my fingers busy.  By far, my favorite part of the project planning process is choosing a color scheme, and shopping for the yarn.  The different types of yarn available makes me giddier than a child in a candy shop- so many bold colours and textures to play, create and experiment with.   Not to mention, yarn with glitter and sequins...GLITTER AND SEQUINS!  
I also joined meetup groups for knitters and crocheters, where I'd crochet my projects over drinks and friendly banter. I figured that socializing with other crafters would encourage me to keep up with my crocheting and in the process, make new friends.

Crocheting an oversized scarf for my oversized hat.
I am no doubt still a beginner in crocheting, but I am excited over this new hobby and all the wonderful items I intend to make in the future (this is next).  I just hope that completing future bucket list items doesn't involve serious respiratory infections or other compromises to my health.

Selfies- for when you want to show off your wares, but don't have a photographer handy.
Three down...Thirty-seven to go!

So readers- what's your favorite craft?